Primary 5 Secondary Admission Interview Preparation Course

Fundamental training specially designed for Primary 5 students for local secondary school admission interviews.

Bestie Speak’s Primary 5 Secondary Admission Interview Preparation Course offers training from simplest to more complex contents. Through easy and intriguing questions, students could have a glimpse of secondary school interview formats and familiarize themselves with diverse question topics. Students will be able to broaden their thinking perspectives and improve their organization skills in speaking, which in turn boosts their self-confidence in interviews.

Course Design

The course consists of 4 major elements

  • 1. Individual Response
  • 2. Individual Speech
  • 3. Read Aloud
  • 4. Group Discussion


Primary 5 students &
Students who are advancing towards Primary 5

Class Type

Video conferencing and in-school classes of small groups and private classes are provided


Cantonese and English (Group/Private) | Putonghua (Private)

Course Promotion

Bestie Speak has prepared a series of promotions to assist students in standing out from the crowd in future secondary admission interviews.

Course Contents

This course is tailored for primary 5 students, which targets to enhance students’ expression and communication skills.

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, Bestie Speak’s Primary 5 Secondary Admission Interview Preparation Course assists our students in familiarizing themselves with various interview formats and grasping key answering techniques.

Personalized Contents

Suitable for Primary 5 students
Contents scheduled with progressing difficulty

Recording Replay

Receive in-class practice recordings for revision after class

Comprehensive Teaching

Get familiarized with various interview formats with all-rounded practice

Course Contents

Individual Response

Assist students in grasping basic individual questions of various topics, strengthening their communication skills and enhance their organization in speaking. Students could acquire broader thinking perspectives to enrich their responses, as well as boost their self-confidence.

Read Aloud

By practicing Chinese and English read aloud, students will gain a deeper understanding towards recent news and learn literary appreciation. Follow-up questions can train up students’ ability to improvise, enhance their flexibility and consolidate their use of language.

Group Discussion

Through Chinese and English group discussion practice, students will learn to tackle diverse discussion topics with multiple thinking perspectives. Students will be able to express themselves clearly and discuss in an organized manner.

Individual Speech

During individual speech practice, students could learn a variety of speech frameworks and enhance organization skills in speaking. Students will be able to express themselves fully and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Primary 5 Secondary Admission Interview Preparation Course is specially tailored for students who are in Primary 5 and students who are advancing towards Primary 5. Contents are designed to be easier and more intriguing to allow students to understand and learn necessary thinking perspectives, get familiarized with interview techniques and answering framework in advance. While our Secondary Admission Interview Training Course aims to allow Primary 6 students to have all-rounded preparation for actual interviews. This course teaches more advanced answering techniques to assist students in enhancing their interview performance.

For students who hope to start preparing for secondary admission interviews in advance, Bestie Speak strongly recommends students enroll in this course before or during summer holidays, so students could build self-confidence and a strong foundation for communication skills to smoothly adapt to our regular Secondary Admission Interview Training Course.

In fact, this is best timing for students to start learning and establishing a strong foundation. Students will have sufficient time to plan ahead before their summer holidays towards Primary 5. This enables students to learn necessary techniques and thinking perspectives for secondary admission interviews at ease. Moreover, students’ communication skills and thinking perspectives require time to understand, acquire, apply and practice. These skills are essential for students to tackle diverse and unexpected interview questions effectively. Utilize students’ free time before summer holidays to start their interview preparation, help them boost their self-confidence.

Students’ answers and responses will be recorded in each in-school class. Students and parents will be able to take note of the student’s own learning progress and review at home. After each class, parents will also receive tutor’s audio feedback recording. The recording allows parents to keep track of the student’s class performance and aspects to work on. Thus, parents can assist students in reviewing in-class practice at home.

Bestie Speak’s group classes are all in small groups, with 2 to 5 students in a class. This provides a great opportunity for students to learn from other’s strengths and learn to exhibit their talents in front of others, as well as boost their self confidence. In group discussion sessions, students can also gain more practice experience in situations similar to actual admission interviews. This acts as effective preparation for actual interviews.

Bestie Speak would suggest students who are in Primary 5 or advancing towards Primary 5 to enroll in this course, as the course contents are tailored for students in respective grades. For students still in the first semester of Primary 4, they are recommended to enroll in Bestie Speak’s Diverse Speaking Course. Diverse Speaking Course offers a variety of speaking practice such as speech delivery, storytelling, debate, host show and news anchor role-plays. These in-class activities assist students in enhancing communication techniques and improve organization skills in speaking. Students will also build up their vocabulary to enrich their speaking contents. In addition, Diverse Speaking Course provides direct advantages to students for their performance in school oral assessments.

Bestie Speak provides multiple Primary 5 Secondary Admission Interview Preparation Course sessions. Please contact Bestie Speak for the latest lesson schedule by calling 3622-1038 or WhatsApp us by 9823-2999.