Speak Your Mind

Living in a fast-paced, sprawling metropolitan city like Hong Kong, we have long become accustomed to efficiency. While being efficient is something to be commended, we should be aware that if we don’t take the time to talk to each other once in while, it can take a toll on our communication level with each other.

Many of us are too shy to speak our minds, especially when it boils down to sentimental moments like showing gratitude to our parents or affection to our loved ones. In fact, everyone likes to receive compliments and recognition for the good work they have done, or to be shown appreciation and love every once in a while.

Lack of communication results in an inability to form connections with others, hence our feelings, thoughts and ideas would go unnoticed. We cannot expect others to read our minds. Therefore, by keeping our thoughts to ourselves, we are only doing our well-being an injustice.

In fact, the outcome of speaking your mind could surprise even yourself. After an argument with your other half, try reminding them of your love and care for them, you might be surprised to know that they are less outraged than they make themselves out to be. By the same token, when you see your parent’s rage at you building up, ignore what your ego tells you to do, step up and apologise to your parents. You might be surprised to find their anger greatly reduced. After all, we all love to hear what we think we deserve. Whether it’s a praise from the boss, a compliment from a teacher, or genuine sweet words from our loved ones, it could never hurt to receive more than less. The same applies to how we should treat others: we should speak up our minds more often to make them aware of our good intentions.

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