Online Learning vs. In-School Learning

Since the start of the pandemic, the whole world has switched to online solutions to avoid lagging behind in the ever changing world. Despite primary and secondary schools have introduced compulsory online classes during severe times, some parents might be sceptical about the effectiveness of online learning. However, other than just allowing students to overcome time and space restrictions, the benefits of online learning is also worth exploring. (more…)

Tips on Creative Writing

To be creative is to think of ideas that no one can think of. Childhood is generally the most imaginative period of our lives. Although their ideas may not make sense most of the time, they are completely new to the ears of all. This gives an impression of being creative. As we age, our creativity is gradually replaced by theories and analysis. To save our writings on short story topics, we must know how creativity is shown, then ace it in our writing tasks. (more…)

Reading Comprehension

Guessing is a common approach when facing the unknown. However, in situations where accuracy is linked to score, money and even lives, guessing may not be the optimum strategy. Reading comprehensions are simple, yet complicated. The answers are known to be present in the passage, nevertheless you cannot seem to find it, meanwhile, time is running short. By getting hold of these handy techniques,  you will be able to anchor your answers in no time. (more…)

Open the mouths of our little ones

Perhaps due to the rapid expansion of social media, our little ones, like wild rabbits hiding in hollow logs, retreat to their safety zones. In situations where harm is imposed, disputes are arisen, they can just report, block and unplug. They may excel in the world of text messages, but communication skills required in real life is neglected. Many parents find it utterly painful to ask their children to express themselves. Children’s timidity creates great barriers for themselves to socialize at school, complete speaking tasks and school interviews. To let our little ones shine in their crucial steppingstones, we must take action early to unblock their potentials. (more…)

Cantonese Learning

There are three main reasons why people may want to acquire a language: to adapt to the environment, for practical needs, or solely for personal preference. To become fluent in a language, however, takes more than just the initial impulse to learn it. In order to become a native speaker, one must persist in learning, practicing and utilizing the language whenever possible. (more…)