Diverse Speaking Course

Training specially designed to train up different speaking techniques for increasing personal competitiveness

In order to become an outstanding leader in one’s school years, students must possess elite communication and presentation skills. Through familiarizing themselves with diverse speaking styles and techniques required, students can improve their organization, contents and vocabulary in speeches, as well as build their confidence to speak in front of a crowd.

Course Design

Each course unit consists of 4 lessons

Unit 1: Strengthen organization and consolidate the basics
Unit 2: Enrich vocabulary and improve presentation skills
Unit 3: Broaden thinking perspectives and build self confidence


Primary ∣ Secondary

Class Type

Video conferencing and in-school classes of small groups and private classes are provided


Cantonese and English (Group/Private)∣Putonghua (Private)

Course Promotions

Bestie Speak has prepared a series of promotions to assist your child(ren) in discovering the the joy of speaking

Course Contents

Elevate presentation skills and broaden thinking perspectives by diverse speaking practices

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, Bestie Speak’s diverse speaking course assists our students in enhancing speaking skills effectively

Comprehensive Teaching

Learn various speaking styles and techniques

Practical Experience

Utilize props to practice on stage

Gradual Advancement

Enhance students’ abilities according to their level

Tutor’s Feedback

Review highlights and take note of learning progress

Course Contents

Suggested to join at least 3 course units, continuous practice helps your children to develop comprehensively!

Diverse Experience

Allow students to experience different speaking styles, such as speech delivery, storytelling, drama, debate, MC and news anchor role-play. Raise students’ interest in speaking

Improve Organization

Through practicing various organization methods, students’ logical thinking and organization skills in speech,together with their broadened thinking perspectives and creativity, could be trained up to deliver points clearly and gradually

Skills Enhancement

Learn to utilize vocal techniques, eye contact, facial expressions and body language to convey emotions, strengthen visual effects and build rapport. These help to improve students’ presentation and communication skills

Explore Potentials

Learn and apply new vocabulary in diverse speaking styles. Our class inspires imagination, nurtures cooperation and innovation, assist students in exploring their potentials

Frequently Asked Questions

Students will undergo speaking practice of different types, such as speech delivery, storytelling, debate, drama, MC and news anchor role-play. They will learn useful vocabulary and sentence structures related to each exercise. Practices are conducted on stage for students’ to build up their confidence and master non-verbal expressions in speech.

Diverse speaking course is suitable for students who have entered primary school. Since course contents may require more advanced language skills and consolidated concepts of certain fields. In this course, students are required to create their own contents for their speeches, thus kindergarteners may find it more challenging to acquire techniques taught. Therefore, our vivid storytelling course would be more suitable for kindergarteners.

Bestie Speak also offers Zoom video conference diverse speaking classes. Tutors will display class materials on the screen in class, as well as useful vocabulary and sentence structures, to teach speaking techniques for different topics. Tutors will ensure children can acquire organization methods in speech delivery effectively. Parents will receive class materials after each class to revise with their children at home.

Those who hope to build up their self confidence could join Bestie Speak’s group lessons. Students will have the opportunity to practice on stage in front of other classmates in class. This can train up their self confidence gradually through continuous practice. By interacting and communicating with other classmates, this can strengthen their communication skills, thus, to elevate their self confidence.

Yes, students can book private lessons at Bestie Speak. Students could send the details of the speaking competition and their script to us in advance. Our tutors will practice and adjust the contents of their speech with students’ in class according to the competition requirements. Students will also learn to deliver their speeches with non-verbal techniques such as body language and presentation styles to further improve their performance.

For those who wish to practice for schools’ Cantonese, English or Putonghua oral exams, please feel free to book private lessons with Bestie Speak. Students could send the format and syllabus of the oral exam to us in advance, as well as do some preparation at home beforehand. Our tutors will conduct speaking practice with students in the class to enhance their organization and presentation skills. This also strengthens their self confidence in facing the upcoming exam.