74th Hong Kong

Schools Speech Festival

Competition Dates

Period for video submission starts from 11th NOV 2022 (10:00) to 24th NOV 2022 (17:00)

Entry Form Submission Period

On or before 23th SEP 2022 (17:00)
*Competitors should reach 5 years of age by 31st December 2022

Limited Enrollment Offer

Applicants applying for Speech Festival competitions through Bestie Speak along with registration of 4 lessons of our training course will receive HK$50 off (per each entry)

Enrollment Service Fee

Solo Entry : HK$440 each
Duo Entry : HK$540 each

Do you offer enrollment services?

Overcome restrictions from enrollment through schools now

Speech Festival Registration Services

What is included in the enrollment service?
  1. Our team will be responsible for the whole enrollment process, including Cantonese, Putonghua and English solo verse speaking (solo and duo classes)
  2. Competition materials will be provided upon successful enrollment. For more information please contact our staff.
  3. Upon receipt of Competition Notifications (CN) from the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association (HKSMSA), you will be notified via email or WhatsApp for CN collection at Bestie Speak.
  4. HKSMSA accepts alteration application under special circumstances only (such as time conflict of the competition with a school examination; Please note that alteration application may be charged by HKSMSA)
  5. Upon receipt of competition certificates, you will be notified for certificate collection at Bestie Speak in around April 2023.

Let’s sink our teeth into this grand event

How to enroll?
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Online Enrollment

The quickest enrollment channel!

Spare a few minutes to fill in the enrollment form. Our staff will contact you shortly.

In Person Enrollment

We look forward to serving you within our office hours

Visit our center in person at (Address). Our staff will be happy to assist you with your enrollment

How do I pay?

We accept various payment methods

Bank transfer | FPS | EPS | Cash | Cheque

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Competition Notifications and certificates are very important documents, to avoid loss of postal items, we encourage parents to collect these documents in person at our center upon notice. For parents who request posting through S.F. Express, the parcel will be paid on delivery. Parents are held responsible for postage and bear the risk of loss. The fee for enrollment service includes handling of enrollment process, provision of competition materials, distribution of Competition Notifications and certificates and providing assistance for alteration application.

Certificates are expected to be issued by HKSMSA between April and May 2023. Upon receipt of the certificates from HKSMSA, we will notify parents for certificate collection at Bestie Speak in person.

Yes, you may. Please pay attention to the grade and age of the applicant when applying.
English solo classes: Applicants can choose to apply a class from non-open and open solo verse speaking respectively.
Cantonese / Putonghua solo classes: Applicants can choose to apply both verse and prose speaking of the corresponding grade.
Note: Junior competitors of K3 cannot join Cantonese and Putonghua classes simultaneously.

If the above situation occurs, parents should send us an electronic proof of the examination date and time such as the school examination schedule or notice. We will take necessary documents to HKSMSA for alteration procedures upon confirmation. Parents will be notified to collect the revised Competition Notification at Bestie Speak once ready.

Competition Notifications (CN) and certificates will be collected by the school or organization of enrollment. If enrolled through your school, CNs and certificates will be distributed by your school; whereas if enrolled through Bestie Speak, the documents will be distributed by us.

In addition, you may overcome restrictions from enrollment through schools in terms of piece and area code if enrolled through Bestie Speak. If enrolled through schools, students may be restricted to compete with the piece and location chosen by the school.

For Class No., you may refer to the corresponding number of each piece in syllabus of the respective language in the official website of HKSMSA.
The official website of HKSMSA:
Regarding Area Code for English Speech, only non-open entries are required to select from E (New Territories East district), U (Urban district), K (Tsuen Wan and Kwai Chung districts) and Y (Tuen Mun and Yuen Long districts). Area Code for entries of other classes will be denoted by N (not divded into districts).
Regarding Area Code for Cantonese and Putonghua Speech, only solo verse and solo prose speaking classes of Primary group or above are required to select from E, U, K and Y. Area Code of entries of other classes will be denoted by N.

Want to have a better grasp on reciting the pieces?

Courses specially designed for HKSMSA Speech Festival

Bestie Speak’s Speech Training Course

We provide quality teaching to our students through different stages of speech training.

Piece Interpretation

Verbal Elements

Non-Verbal Elements

Skills Enhancement

Bestie Speak’s SPEAK! Channel

Listen to our speech demo highlights anytime

Speech Demo Recording + Tutor’s Feedback

We aim to help our students polish their skills

Upon enrolling 4 lessons of Bestie Speak’s speech training course, students will receive a professionally recorded audio recording of the solo piece* recorded by our team. Students can further practice manipulation of verbal elements and strengthen their memory on the piece at home.

Parents will receive tutor’s feedback recording after each class to take note of student’s performance and learning progress.

*Not applicable to Solo Prose Speaking, Solo Prose Reading and Public Speaking classes

Reap the harvest of your hard work!

Bestie Speak’s prize winners can get extra rewards

Students who have joined at least 2 hours speech training class for 74th Speech Festival at Bestie Speak, will receive supermarket cash vouchers for the below amount upon showing proof of being awarded the top three places in speech festival competition!

Champion $
First runner-up $
Second runner-up $