Hello! We are Bestie Speak!

We are a professional and deeply devoted training institution

Since established, Bestie Speak has gained experience in fields of local school admission, along with speech and performing arts training. Bestie Speak has developed into an education centre that provides coaching for local and international school admission and artistic competitions.

“Help every student to be the best that they can be: Reaching full potentials, Exhibit diverse skills” Bestie Speak persists to assist students, schools and organizations by providing quality training courses, seminars and training events. Bestie Speak has gained recognition from learners from all fields.

Bestie Speak’s Core Values





Our Services

Bestie Speak offers comprehensive services to assist students in enhancing necessary skills

Speech and Performing Arts Coaching

Bestie Speak offers diverse courses, including speech recital, speaking, storytelling, debate and other related fields. These courses aim to develop potentials of students by improving their communication and organization skills, and boosting their self confidence.

Local and International School Admission Services

Bestie Speak provides training for local and international school admissions, which includes training courses for various interview formats and written assessments. International school application service is also provided to assist students in international school admission.

Comprehensive School-based Training

Bestie Speak sends expert instructors to schools to conduct training and lessons. According to the needs of kindergartens, elementary, secondary and international schools, we create courses ranging from semester-long training to summer extracurricular classes. Bestie Speak also provides short-term professional training.

Learning Environment

Bestie Speak possesses a well-designed environment to make learning fun and effective

Bestie Speak is located at 8/F, Union Park Tower, 168 Electric Road, Fortress Hill. Different classrooms and teaching props are made to suit the needs of toddlers, primary and secondary students, as well as adults. Bestie Speak offers seating and books for students and parents to read. Private restrooms are provided for the convenience of students and parents.