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International School Application Process

Parents should have a deep understanding towards the admission process of international schools before applying. To ensure a smooth application process, key dates of target international schools must be marked down accurately. Only upon completion of the whole admission process should students secure a placement in their target schools. Therefore, parents play a critical role in the whole admission process.


Getting to know the schools


Submitting applications


Interview and written assessments


Receiving admission results


Application Submission

September - November

The importance of punctual application

The admission process of international schools may differ. Bestie Speak assists parents in taking note of key dates and document preparation for target schools’ application submission, to ensure students can start their application successfully.

Admission Assessments

December - April

Adaptation to diverse admission assessments

Different international schools have their own admission criteria. Their admission assessments include various assessment formats such as written tasks and interviews. Parents would usually be notified two weeks before the scheduled date. Thus, students should prepare in advance.

Result Notification

April - May

One-stop service for handling admission results

Students may be invited to a second-round interview, be waitlisted or directly admitted. Bestie Speak provides comprehensive follow-up and consultation services, to better prepare students for school admission and future education pathways, assisting them in welcoming a new school life.

Student Age - Grade Placement Guide

歲數 Age香港 Hong Kong美國 US英國 UK加拿大 Canada澳洲 Australia

International School Admission Services

Handling students’ enrollment procedures professionally

Comprehensive one-stop service

As parents’ and students’ consultant, Bestie Speak offers customized school admission services to assist students along the application process

1. Admission Consultation

Engage in an in-person or phone consultation with Bestie Speak, to assist parents in formulating an education plan best suited to your child(ren)’s needs and interests

2. Application Submission

Bestie Speak will assist parents in filling in application forms and supplementary documents. Parents should prepare relevant documents in advance to ensure a smooth application process

3. Admission Training

Arrange training for written and interview admission assessments according to the admission criteria of your target school(s), as well as provide suggestions on how to enrich students’ learning experience

4. School Tours

Arrange school tours for parents and students to meet the school principal and teachers, explore the school environment, programme features and learning atmosphere in person

5. Application Follow-up

After submitting the application, Bestie Speak will contact the admissions team of your target school(s) to follow-up on the application status and submit other school reports and certificates of extracurricular activities

6. Acceptance Follow-up

Bestie Speak will follow-up on application results. Professional consultation on offer acceptance and assistance in handling school documents prior to admission will be provided

Frequently Asked Questions

Each international school may adopt different school systems, such as the UK, US/Canada, Australia school systems and more. The best way to determine the grade or year level of your child is to check the age placement guide provided by students’ target schools, or contact the schools’ admission team directly.

In general, each year, international schools have a specific application period. After this period, most grade levels would still accept applications all year round, these applications would be considered as late/ school transfer applications.

For certain international schools, a few grade levels require application submission more than a year earlier. Unless the applicant is a debenture holder, late applications are not accepted otherwise.

Taking ESF international schools as an example, applications for all year levels except year one and year seven are considered according to the date of application, and are put into the waiting list according to admissions priority. When there are available spaces, the school will invite applicants for an assessment or interview. The assessment may also include a parent interview. Upon successful interview and assessment, students will be offered a place.

Our services include assisting parents in handling and translating all documents necessary for application, designing student portfolios, writing self-recommendation letters, articles, filling in school questionnaires etc., ensuring documents needed for application are sufficient. After submitting school applications, Bestie Speak will keep in touch with schools to follow up on the admission progress. Furthermore, we will register school tours for parents and students, allowing them to acquire more school information by meeting with teachers or the principal of their target schools.

Next, we will contact the school admissions team, and submit supplementary documents for admissions including the latest school report and certificates. At the same time, we will assist parents in scheduling the dates of admission assessments. After receiving assessment results, we would also assist parents in handling admission matters to allow students to have a smooth transition into their target school.

Each school has their own special features and teaching approaches. Bestie Speak aims to recommend international schools that are most suitable to each student. Without knowing the students personally, we are unable to make the best recommendation. Hence, we would suggest students to first attend our Student Level Assessment. This allows us to further discuss students’ education pathway and provide professional advice.

The teaching approaches of international schools are different from that of local schools. International schools tend to adopt interactive learning and put more emphasis on English communication. Students could learn with classmates of diverse nationalities to raise their global mindedness. In comparison, studying in international schools requires higher tuition fees. Parents could choose suitable schools for their child(ren) according to their own needs.

By applying to international schools through us, Bestie Speak is responsible for handling matters regarding the whole application process, including application submission, admission assessments, school tours and other related aspects. All information needed for application will be provided by parents. Bestie Speak’s experienced team will fill all necessary application forms. We also offer extra service packages on designing student portfolios and self-recommendation letters. Once students receive the admission results, Bestie Speak will provide professional guidance for families to choose the most suitable school for their family and child(ren). Therefore, by applying to international schools through us, this provides great convenience for busy parents, as well as enjoy comprehensive school admission services.

For certain schools, it is not necessary for parents to purchase a debenture. Purchasing a debenture does not guarantee a placement, students may only benefit from receiving priority in admissions. Taking the Independent Schools Foundation (ISF) Academy as an example, this school does not guarantee a placement for Capital Note holders. However, Capital Note holders would be in higher priority for consideration after passing the admission assessments.

Our admission services include handling Chinese-English translation. All documents necessary for application would be translated and submitted after parents’ confirmation. In addition, we also provide translation of English documents issued by international schools to allow parents to understand the admission progress.

Admission Assessment Training

Grasp the precious assessment opportunity. Give this your best shot, and you will have achieved.

Course Highlights

Training specially designed according to admission criteria of international schools

International school admission assessments are not simply about comparing students’ ability, portfolio and qualifications. International school teachers need to know each student’s learning attitudes, communication competence, leadership skills and their ability to improvise. You child(ren) need to exhibit their charismatic characters, unique potentials and self-confidence holistically in the assessments to increase the chances of getting admitted.

Personalized Contents

Teaching contents are tailored to fit different international schools

Comprehensive Teaching

Get familiarized with assessment formats of different stages, boost self-confidence

Recording Replay

Receive in-class practice recordings for revision after class

Mock Interview

Book a mock interview session to apply skills learnt in class


Course Contents

Bestie Speak focuses on enhancing students’ English application and communication skills

Our Course is designed according to the written and spoken assessment criteria of your child(ren)’s target international school. We assist your child(ren) in getting familiarized with the written and spoken assessment formats of target schools. While, at the same time, nurturing a proactive and positive attitude for the interview, along with sharpening students’ ability to improvise. Our goal is to assist them in standing out from the crowd in the actual assessment!

Written and Spoken Assessments

Advanced Interview Skills

Mock Assessment

Student Level Assessment

Parents can book a Student Level Assessment with Bestie Speak prior to attending admission training classes. This allows tutors to formulate personalized training contents

Mock Assessment

Mock assessments could include written and/or interview session(s) according to specific needs of the student. Students can better prepare themselves for the actual admission assessment by applying techniques learnt in previous training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although different international schools may have their specific curricula and interview languages, most international schools have similar assessment contents and formats, interviews are usually conducted in English.

For written assessments, schools aim to assess students’ basic language and mathematics competence. Bestie Speak provides comprehensive training to students according to the curriculum and academic level of their target schools, to better prepare them for the upcoming written assessments.

Regarding interview sessions, students’ language skills and their overall development will be assessed and explored. Therefore, delivery techniques are crucial to candidates. To ace the interview of target international schools, students should acquire proactive interview attitude, be flexible and show confidence when answering various interview questions.

Bestie Speak offers international school interview course aims to train up students’ English speaking skills and to boost their confidence in English application. By enhancing students’ eagerness to answer interview questions, this increases students’ chances of entering their target schools.

It depends on the student’s grade, academic level and specific needs. Some students may solely enroll lessons for written assessment or interview training, while others may require training in both. Usually, for students applying to kindergarten and lower primary, only interviews are required for admission assessment. Whereas for students applying to higher grades, they will be first invited to attend a written assessment, followed by an interview session.

Regarding interview training, most parents will enroll more private lessons to provide more opportunities for their children to practice common and advanced interview questions. In addition, children’s proactive attitude and confidence could be further enhanced from joining more training lessons.

Since international school admission training is highly personalized, only private lessons are offered. Lessons could be arranged according to parents’ ideal time slots. Please contact Bestie Speak for scheduling lessons.

Bestie Speak provides private lessons for parent interview training. Training assists parents in understanding the target school’s vision and mission. Parents will learn to highlight student’s strengths by incorporating student’s interests, hobbies and life experience into responses. Speaking organization could also be strengthened. By preparing in advance, parents can excel in parent interviews.

Lessons could be arranged according to parents’ ideal time slots. Please contact Bestie Speak for scheduling lessons.

It depends on the applicant’s grade. Usually, for preschool or kindergarten admission assessments, they are conducted in groups that include games and interactive activities. Teachers will conduct an observation session, as well as talk to different candidates according to their language backgrounds in English, Cantonese or Putonghua.

For primary school admission interviews, the format is changed to a formal dialogue. Apart from assessing the applicant’s English competence, Putonghua may also be used to conduct the interview. Most interviews are conducted in groups. Students applying for upper primary may be further invited to attend a written admission assessment.

While for secondary school admission, students will have to pass the written assessment in order to be invited for an interview. Most schools will make their admission decisions based on the applicant’s performance in the admission assessments, past school reports and participation in other activities. Interviews are usually conducted one on one or in a group for group discussion.

The above assessment formats may vary among different schools. However, the aim of these assessments are to examine whether the competence of applicants can meet their admission standards, and that the personality of applicants are suitable to enter the school.

International school training course aims to provide more opportunities for students to practice potential interview questions. By joining our training course in a long-term, students’ answering techniques and thinking perspectives will be improved. Students will also be able to familiarize themselves with the assessment formats of the actual admission assessment.

Therefore, even students with an admission assessment coming up shortly, can familiarize themselves with the assessment format and potential contents. This helps to boost students’ self-confidence, so that they can maintain an outstanding performance in all situations.

Bestie Speak’s training course targets to sharpen student’s answering skills, thinking perspectives and English application in written assessments and interviews. Through familiarizing themselves with the assessment format of their target schools, they can gain relevant experience in advance to increase students’ chances of getting admitted.

In general, students who are able to apply skills learnt in lessons, as well as attending the assessment in the best state with confidence, have a high success rate of getting admitted. Of course, apart from learning diligently in training lessons, students also have to revise at home to have a better grasp of answering skills in written assessments and interviews. Furthermore, various factors may also affect students assessment performance, including their ability to improvise and health condition. Therefore, combination of all factors is the key to success.

Long-term training is for students who have more preparation time for admission assessments. Most students engaging in long-term training start attending lessons a year in advance. This allows sufficient time for Bestie Speak to help students establish a better foundation. Thus, to improve students’ overall performance.

For students who have already received assessment invitations, or those who do not have sufficient time for assessment preparation, they may participate in short-term training. Bestie Speak will try our best to sharpen students’ written and spoken skills within a limited time period.

Students are encouraged to dress decently but not overly formal. Please refer to the illustration below:


Promotion Package for International School Training

Tailor-made education pathway for students to help them adapt to dynamic challenges


Targets students who wish to enter international primary schools

May include:

  • Interview training for student
  • Mock interview sessions for student
  • Interview training for parent
  • Mock interview session for parent


Targets students who wish to apply for international upper primary schools (Grade 4 - 6)

May include:

  • Student Level Assessment
  • Interview/assessment training
  • Mock interview session
  • Mock written test sessions


Targets students who wish to apply for international secondary schools

May include:

  • Student Level Assessment
  • Interview/assessment training
  • Mock interview session
  • Mock written test sessions