Online Learning vs. In-School Learning

Since the start of the pandemic, the whole world has switched to online solutions to avoid lagging behind in the ever changing world. Despite primary and secondary schools have introduced compulsory online classes during severe times, some parents might be sceptical about the effectiveness of online learning. However, other than just allowing students to overcome time and space restrictions, the benefits of online learning is also worth exploring.

Online learning involves various kinds of information exchange using tutorial videos, video conferencing, and hybrid learning which is a combination of both. While this way of learning is still new to some parents, the virtual alternative definitely possesses its own advantages.

Firstly, students can have unlimited access to learning materials such as videos of the recorded session of the class during the course of their study. The concepts taught in class can therefore be thoroughly understood as students rewatch the recordings.

Next, online learning promotes self-directed learning. Since there is no teacher monitoring students in person during class, students need to proactive when they are faced with difficulties by sending private messages to the teacher, or do research online to solve their problems. This way, education is less spoon-fed as students plays an active role in learning.

What’s more, studying online aids the development of new software and technical skills of students. Teachers may send learning materials via Google Drive and Microsoft Office, students could have a glimpse of how these programs work. Students can also make good use of Zoom to hold online discussions or study group in the comfort of their own home. When apply for a job, students are already well-equipped to handle basic clerical work in the adult world. Throughout the learning process, students would encounter technical problems, which it is a great way for them to get hands on experience in tackling similar issues in the future.

With the unexpected suspension of face-to-face teaching due to the pandemic, online learning is the only available option to continue the delivery of knowledge. Teachers could add new elements to their online class to maximize the potential of the new way of teaching with interactive tools and materials  and learning outcomes of each method. The effort of both teachers and students together would surely result in favorable learning outcome.

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