Open the mouths of our little ones

Perhaps due to the rapid expansion of social media, our little ones, like wild rabbits hiding in hollow logs, retreat to their safety zones. In situations where harm is imposed, disputes are arisen, they can just report, block and unplug. They may excel in the world of text messages, but communication skills required in real life is neglected. Many parents find it utterly painful to ask their children to express themselves. Children’s timidity creates great barriers for themselves to socialize at school, complete speaking tasks and school interviews. To let our little ones shine in their crucial steppingstones, we must take action early to unblock their potentials.

Most of children’s timidity comes from the fear of their ideas being judged. Childhood is the period where one’s imagination blossoms. However, parents would often disapprove their little one’s original answers, because they are “overly simple” or “immature”, thinking being “average” is not enough to stand out from the crowd. These recurring disapprovals build up tremendous fear to speak. Positive education is gaining rising influence in recent years. Through appreciation of every effort our little ones have made in speaking, they will be able to learn enjoyably and confidently to maximize their performance. Daily appreciation may sound troublesome; however it only takes up a few seconds to boost children’s confidence. Make “That makes sense”, “You’re right”, “I guess so” your new pet phrases when our little ones try to speak their minds. Hang “Great job!”, “Good try!” and “Nice work!” on your lips when you see them make an effort. Take note of every attempt they are willing to improve themselves and see the results.

Apart from fear, our little ones might find speaking a torture in their daily lives. They are usually asked to make proper speeches only when they are doing assignments and presentations, where there is no fun but loads of stress. If we give our little ones the opportunity to encounter more interesting occasions early, we might find them being more expressive with diverse communication skills. Speaking can be essential to dramas and plays, they help spark creativity and adds fun when determining the lives of a fictional character. Delivering jokes and puns are also enjoyable and challenging, they can sharpen one’s humour and techniques in building rapport with the recipient. While there are other activities such as storytelling, debate and role-play that hustling parents can try anytime, anywhere with their kids. The more we make learning joyful, the more our little ones like to be engaged.

By identifying the reasons behind our new quiet generation, we must step-up our game to guide them towards the direction of brilliance. We only need to give them more daily compliments and exposure to change their lives permanently.

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