Primary Admission Interview Training

Training specially designed for local primary school admission

Primary admission interviews aim to assess a child’s learning attitude, communication skills, interview manners, energy, attention span, cooperativeness and creativity, through basic dialogues and diverse activities. To stand out from the crowd in a school interview, a child ought to know how to be brave, proactive, well-mannered and confident.

Course Design

Teaching contents are tailor-made according to students’ target school

Class Type

In-school one-on-one


Kindergarten students (K2 – K3)


Cantonese, English, Putonghua

Course Promotion

Bestie Speak has prepared a series of promotions to assist your child(ren) in standing out from the crowd

Course Contents

Train up students’ performance by targeting each primary admission interview detail

Course Highlights

Through offering training of different interview formats, we assist students in enhancing their interview performance

Personalized Contents

Teaching contents are tailored to fit different primary schools

Recording Replay

Receive in-class practice recordings for revision after class

Comprehensive Teaching

Get familiarized with the interview flow, have full grasp of responding techniques

Mock Interview

Book a mock interview session to apply skills learnt in class

Course Contents

Parents are welcome to book private lessons, 1 hour per lesson is recommended
Suggested to join at least 6 hours of training classes

Activity Session

In primary admission interviews, activity sessions may consist of picture description, group games, puzzle, reading, drawing, singing, tangram, quizzes and free play. These activities will require students to exhibit their creativity and confidence. Bestie Speak is devoted to assist students in enhancing their skills comprehensively such as concentration, cooperativeness, creativity, ability to follow orders, as well as organization skills. Interview manners will also be practiced with students.

DIalogue Practice

Bestie Speak helps students to have a better grasp of responding to diverse common interview questions, such as self introduction, daily activities, family introduction, news and liberal studies, and dreams. We aim to sharpen students’ communication skills, as well as to help students get familiarized with the interview formats of their target primary school. Furthermore, students’ thinking perspectives will be broadened, along with building a confident and willing attitude to leave a remarkable impression.

Mock Interview

Through attending a mock interview, students can get familiarized with the actual interview format and flow in advance. This fully enhances students’ confidence when responding to interviewers. While in the interactive session, students’ listening skills will be further polished. By understanding the assessment criteria of interviewers and active participation in mock activities, students can stand out from the crowd with ease. The mock interview also serves to assist students in being at their best before the interview.

Progress Follow-up

  • Upon successful admission to students’ target primary schools, Bestie Speak also offers courses to assist students in familiarizing themselves with the primary curriculum and learning modes. Our Practical Chinese or English course, Diverse Speaking Course and Speech Training Course could support students growth in various aspects.
  • Entering primary school is a milestone in students’ education pathway. More focus is put on knowledge of diverse subjects and extra-curricular activities. Thus, students are required to think independently and have strong communication skills. Bestie Speak’s training courses allows students to excel in different learning stages, and become a bright young leader.

Mock Interview

Mock interview sessions of different languages could be arranged according to students’ target primary schools. Mock interviews will be conducted by Bestie Speak’s professional and experienced tutors. Tutors will assess students by their interview manners, responding attitude, basic communication skills, ability to improvise and organization of their response. Detailed report sheet will be provided after the session to identify students’ strengths and weaknesses. Thus, allows them further improve before the actual interview.

Customized Assessment Session

Tutor’s Constructive Feedback

In-depth Analysis Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Bestie Speak’s primary admission interview training will adjust the course contents according to your child(ren)’s target school. The course may include interview dialogues, storytelling, games and more, which are all common interview formats. Training helps to enhance students’ overall interview performance, including communication skills, interview manners, concentration and creativity. This also allows students to familiarize themselves with the interview format to boost confidence in the actual interview. Tutors will record the interview dialogues practiced in class, allowing students to revise after class. In addition, tutor’s feedback recording is provided after each class to record learning progress of students.

Students are required to first tackle practice interview questions by themselves. Tutors will assist students in elaborating their ideas to enrich their original answers. In situations where students find certain terms difficult, such as “sharing”, tutors will break down the term for students to learn new vocabulary, as well as encourage them to try answering various types of questions.

This depends on needs of different parents. Some may join the course for last-minute enhancement, while others may engage in long-term training. Most parents will choose to enroll in 6 to 10 hours private lessons to allow their child(ren) familiarize themselves with various interview formats. The more question type students practice, the more confident they will be in the actual interview. By applying skills learnt in lessons, children can stand out from the crowd easily.

Students who are in nursery or younger can be accompanied by their parent. Since primary schools value students’ independence, Bestie Speak’s only provides one-on-one training lessons. Parents can take note of students’ class performance and aspects of improvement through class recordings and tutor’s feedback recording.

Parents should take advantage of the days before the interview to join intensive training. This allows students to have basic understanding towards interview format of the upcoming interview, as well as interview skills. Thus, greatly boost students’ self confidence in the actual interview. It is always advantageous to have a basic understanding towards primary admission interviews.

Apart from joining private lessons for primary admission interview training, students can also join Bestie Speak’s Vivid Storytelling Course. This course offers group lessons for kindergarteners, facilitating interaction among students. Students will practice storytelling techniques, learn to elaborate answers, have a better grasp on new vocabulary and strengthen their communication skills. Story creation and drama activities are included in lessons to allow blossoming of students’ creativity and cooperation to realize their stories.