Secondary Admission Interview Training

Training specially designed for local secondary school admission

Bestie Speak’s secondary admission interview training course aims to assist your child(ren) in acquiring communication skills, delivery techniques and thinking perspectives, that are necessary to secondary admission interviews. This course also helps students exhibit their learning attitudes, leadership skills and flexibility in the actual interview. These traits are essential to acing an interview.

Course Design

Each course unit consists of 4 lessons

Unit 1: Get familiarized and consolidate the basics
Unit 2: Master techniques and broaden perspectives
Unit 3: Polish skills and enhance overall performance


Primary 5 to Primary 6
Students preparing for local secondary admission interviews

Class Type

Video conferencing and in-school classes of small groups and private classes are provided


Cantonese and English (Group/Private)∣Putonghua (Private)

Course Promotions

Bestie Speak has prepared a series of promotions to assist your child(ren) in standing out from the crowd

Course Contents

This course is tailored to target common interview formats for enhancing students’ interview performance

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, Bestie Speak’s Secondary admission interview training course assists our students in familiarizing themselves with various interview formats and grasping key answering techniques

Personalized Contents

Teaching contents are tailored to fit different secondary schools

Recording Replay

Receive in-class practice recordings for revision after class

Comprehensive Teaching

Get familiarized with various interview formats, boost self confidence

Mock Interview

Gain interview experience before the actual interview

Course Contents

Suggested to join at least 3 course units, together with mock interview sessions, to enhance interview skills comprehensively!

Individual Questions

Assist students in grasping basic and advanced answers of various topics, as well as boosting their confidence. Students’ organization and delivery skills will be sharpened. They will also acquire broader thinking perspectives to enrich their answer contents.

Read Aloud

Through practicing Chinese and English read aloud, students will gain a deeper understanding towards recent news and learn literary appreciation. Follow-up questions can train up students’ ability to improvise, enhance their flexibility and consolidate their use of language

Group Discussion

During Chinese and English group discussions, students are taught to analyze group discussion topics in multiple perspectives. They will also learn to discuss in an organized manner and to deliver their points systematically.

Mock Interview

Students will have a chance to experience the interview flow before the actual admission interview. Through applying skills learnt within limited time, the mock interview helps students maintain a stable performance, thus, raises students’ chances of entering their target schools

Mock Interview

Bestie Speak offers mock interviews of different formats according to specific needs of the student, to better prepare them for the actual admission interview. An analysis report is provided in the session. Students can evaluate their performance based on multiple aspects such as etiquette, attitude, expression, ability to improvise, organization and more. We aim to help students stand out from the crowd!

In-depth Analysis Report

Tutor’s Constructive Feedback

Enriched Assessment Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Bestie Speak’s secondary admission interview training group lessons are conducted in Cantonese and English. Students could also enroll our English-taught or Putonghua-taught private lessons according to their own needs.

Interview training consists of individual part and group discussion. For the individual part, students will practice past interview questions from various prestigious schools, questions regarding news and liberal studies, along with read alouds. While for group discussions, students will practice different discussion topics. This helps to broaden students’ thinking perspectives and discussion techniques. Thus, teaches them how to ace a group discussion.

Secondary admission interview is not assessing students’ memory. Memorizing an answer may sound planned and unnatural. Moreover, if the teacher asks questions that the student has not prepared, the student’s interview performance may be affected as a result of giving an unorganized response.

Therefore, Bestie Speak aims to train up students’ answering techniques, broaden their thinking perspectives and sharpen their speaking skills. Answers must be students’ own views, tutors will teach them ways to elaborate and give examples. By enriching students’ own answers, the interviewer may have a more in-depth understanding towards students’ personality and overall development.

Every year, students will share questions that they have encountered in admission interviews. Therefore, Bestie Speak has records of past interview questions from various schools. In general, interview formats among different secondary schools have a lot in common. Interviews usually include an individual part and group activity sessions which consists of individual response, read aloud, news and liberal studies analysis and group discussion. Students may apply knowledge and skills learnt in the course to tackle a variety of interview formats.

For language, Bestie Speak offers group and private training classes in Cantonese and English. If interviews of students’ target schools are conducted in Putonghua, Bestie Speak also provides private interview training.

Yes, generally speaking, students attend secondary admission interviews in school uniforms, this leaves a clean and tidy impression to interviewers. However, if the interview notification stated that physical assessments or other physical activities will be conducted, students should wear sports attire to the interview.

Bestie Speak’s lesson are conducted in small groups, each group consists of 2 to 5 students. Students will be able to learn from other’s strengths and learn to exhibit their talents in front of others, as well as boost their self confidence. In group discussion sessions, students can also gain more practice experience.

It depends on each student’s situation. Some would engage in long-term training, while others may hope to polish their skills right before the interview. Apart from practicing common interview questions, students will also encounter advanced individual questions, Chinese and English read alouds, and even group discussions. Therefore, the more students practice, the more confident they will be in the actual interview. By applying the skills learnt in interview training course, students can shine in various interview sessions.

In addition, secondary admission interview training could allow students to prepare for more interview questions. Through long-term training, students’ speaking skills and critical thinking skills could be greatly advanced. This allows students to get familiarized with various interview formats, thus to ace the interviews.

If time allows, attending 1-2 lessons before the interview could help boost students’ confidence, as to help them maintain their performance.

In general, students will start preparing for secondary admission interviews in primary 5. While some parents may start the preparation work earlier when students are in primary 4.

Most primary 4 students will choose to enroll Bestie Speak’s Diverse Speaking Course. This course provides different speaking activities which teaches students various delivery skills, enhances their self confidence and gradually improves their organization and communication skills. These improvements can directly benefit students’ oral exam and secondary admission interview performance.

Bestie Speak provides multiple lesson sessions for students to choose from. Please contact Bestie Speak for the latest lesson schedule.