Things to prepare for secondary school admission interviews

Competition is intense in most secondary school admission interviews. The key to a successful interview is to leave a remarkable impression to your interviewer, of course in the good way. Many of us are not born exceptional, hence, to stand out from the crowd, we must make an effort in self-improvement as preparation for the big days.

The simplest preparation that can be done is to predict potentials questions asked in the interview. You should identify what your target schools would like to know about you, presumably information that cannot be seen in academic reports and Student Learning Profiles (SLPs), such as your family, hobbies, likes and dislikes. Once the potential questions are gathered, you may start to prepare appropriate content for each question. This helps you to familiarize yourself with your answers, avoiding horrific situations where your mind becomes blank.

Apart from answer preparation, you would also find correct translation is needed for your contents. Most interviews will be conducted in both English and Cantonese, which means answers should be prepared in both languages. During the translation process, beware of mistranslation using online translators. If you are uncertain of some English terms, try to explain them with plain vocabulary. The aim is to make your interviewer understand your ideas. For specific terms such as school positions, names of awards, names of organizations and names of activities, they must also be correctly translated to highlight your strengths and talents effectively.

Before we present our thoughts and persuade others our beliefs, research must be done to select useful information for our speech and arguments. It is always a good idea to browse the website of your target secondary school before the interview. It is common that interviewers would like to know why you have chosen their school, or how much you know about them. Start by looking at the vision and mission of their school, memorize relatable and important features for recapping them in your interview. Moreover, you should have a glance at their publications and school activities to take note of the achievements and strengths of the school. Stating facts in your speech enhances your credibility and sincerity when presenting your will to enter your target school.

Chance favours the prepared mind. These are just the basics for acing an interview. In addition to your preparation, your interview performance depends on your etiquette, wits and confidence. In case you find these steps too difficult, you should seek help from interview classes as soon as possible.

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