Tips on Creative Writing

To be creative is to think of ideas that no one can think of. Childhood is generally the most imaginative period of our lives. Although their ideas may not make sense most of the time, they are completely new to the ears of all. This gives an impression of being creative. As we age, our creativity is gradually replaced by theories and analysis. To save our writings on short story topics, we must know how creativity is shown, then ace it in our writing tasks.

When creating a story, try starting with unusual characters. You will immediately impress readers right at the beginning. Neglect the overused characters such as ourselves, humans from the past or future, rich human CEO and his impoverished girlfriend (typical Korean drama storyline). Beat up your traditional thoughts with walking, talking stationery, plant superheros and even ghosts who are afraid of ghosts.

Then we can try to make a contrast. Contrast could be made between different personality of characters, such as by putting an introvert and extrovert together, their interactions and chemistry may be more polar than having both of each. Curiosity in audience is triggered, would they end up showing “opposites attract” or would they create crisis? Contrast could also be made between conventional settings and bizarre characters, or vice versa, to establish unthinkable challenges to entertain our readers.

Creative writing is all about giving unfamiliar impressions to our readers, our markers. Constantly train yourself to think out of the box through creative writing could also in fact, inspire new thoughts in other aspects. Successful lives are not made by copying other’s decisions. Accomplished businesses are not made by duplicating other’s products. We have to be able to explore every part of our brains to get the most out of our lives.

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