Top Debate Course

Tailored to build eloquence and improvisational skills, nurture independent thinking and expression

Train students to think with breadth, depth and efficiency. Students will learn to voice their opinions in a logical and sensible way regarding social matters; Master analyzing matters with an independent, objective and rational pair of eyes; And learn to utilize body language on stage to boost their confidence in conveying messages.

Course Design

Each course unit consists of 4 lessons. An hour per lesson

Unit 1: Enrich knowledge and develop logical thinking
Unit 2: Organize contents and build eloquence
Unit 3: Gain practical experience and build self confidence


Upper Primary | Secondary

Class Type

Video conferencing and in-school classes of small groups are provided for school-based training
Video conferencing and in-school private classes are provided for individual training


Cantonese or English

Receive a quotation

By filling in Bestie Speak’s online form for Organization/Group Enrollment and providing details of the course, such as the proposed commencement date, estimated student intake, no. of sessions and class type. Bestie Speak will send out the quotation via email within 3 working days.

Course Contents

Develop critical thinking abilities. Enhance thinking skills on liberal studies topics and improvisational skills comprehensively.

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, Bestie Speak’s Top Debate Course assists our students in raising their expression skills in speaking.

Gradual Advancement

Broaden thinking perspectives on liberal studies topics using simple to more complex skills

Value Improvision

Grasp essential to advanced debate skills. Develop the ability to improvise

Comprehensive Thinking

Analyze different motions. Establish diverse thinking perspectives

Tutor’s Feedback

Review highlights and take note of learning progress

Course Contents

Bestie Speak suggests students to join at least 3 course units, continuous practice helps your children to develop comprehensively!

Keep Up-To-Date with Social Matters

Catch up with social matters today. Allow students to develop in-depth objective opinions towards latest news and strengthen expression skills in speaking.

Be Flexible and Improvisational

Offers practice opportunities for students to improvise their speech and organization on stage in mock debate sessions. Helps students to gain experience in actual debates.

Enhance Logical Thinking

Teaches different organization strategies in speaking. While improving critical thinking skills and diversifying thinking perspectives necessary for debate.

Realizing Potentials

Learn and apply various new vocabulary in debate practice. Through encountering different debate motions, this course inspires students’ minds to realize their full potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Top Debate Course is suitable for students of Primary 4 or above. Since the contents of Top Debate Course are more advanced and require students to think critically on liberal studies topics, this course is more suitable for students of higher grades. In addition, students are more likely to encounter group discussion formats in future oral exam assessments and in secondary admission interviews. Acquiring debate skills is especially helpful in broadening students’ thinking perspectives, which helps students stand out from the crowd in multiple aspects. Students in lower primary are advised to enroll in Diverse Speaking Course to enhance speaking skills to pave way for joining Top Debate Class in the future.

Yes, Bestie Speak provides private debate classes for individual students. Contents are flexible and could be arranged according to the needs of individual students. In private classes, tutors can help edit debate scripts according to the rules and given motion in competitions. At the same time, tutors will also assist students in elaborating their points in terms of depth. Furthermore, necessary body language will be taught in class to enhance students’ persuasiveness and confidence in a debate.

Of course. Apart from being taught the rules in debate competitions, the functions and duties of each speaker and diverse organization skills in speaking, students will gain understanding in different types of motions and thinking skills to prepare them for actual debates. Tutors will arrange a mock debate session after each course module. This allows students to gain experience in actual debates. Tutors will also do a performance review with students to assist them in improving after each mock session, to enhance their overall performance.

Contents of Bestie Speak’s school-based Top Debate Course are flexible and could be tailored to cater needs of different schools. For classes targeting students with no debating experience, Bestie Speak offers gradually advancing course contents. This mainly allows students to learn the basic rules of debate, building their eloquence and developing their critical thinking skills; For classes aiming to train a school debate team, tutors will provide a more target-based training, which includes more advanced debate skills, to better prepare the team for diverse competitions ahead.

Yes, this course would be suitable for students with no debating experience. Apart from teaching students essential and advanced skills in debate, Top Debate Course aims to provide opportunities for students to apply techniques learnt in class after acquiring broad thinking perspectives, critical thinking skills and strong communication skills. Thus, students with no debating experience could actively gain experience by engaging in class activities.

Bestie Speak provides debate team leading service. Team leading service is available upon advanced communication during the quotation stage. Bestie Speak will confirm related arrangements with the school and tutor according to the actual situation. The fee for team leading service will be calculated based on course fee per hour listed in the quotation. Thus, if schools require team leading services, please notify us at schools’ earliest convenience for better arrangements.