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True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. Bestie Speak provides in-school and online classes - Learn flexibly anywhere

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Plan with care. A single step today paves way for tomorrow’s path.
You can only picture tomorrow by facing in its direction.

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Bestie Speak has introduced a series of course promotions. For successful in-school or online course enrollments within the promotion period, students can enjoy course fee reductions or get supermarket cash vouchers.

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Tips on Creative Writing

To be creative is to think of ideas that no one can think of. Childhood is generally the most imaginative period of our lives. Although their ideas may not make sense most of the time, they are completely new to the ears of all. This gives an impression of being creative. As we age, our creativity is gradually replaced by theories and analysis. To save our writings on short story topics, we must know how creativity is shown, then ace it in our writing tasks. (more…)