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Provision of all-rounded support to your child(ren). Assist you in international school admission and interview training

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True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. Bestie Speak provides in-school and online classes - Learn flexibly anywhere

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Enhance interview skills through a professional and systematic approach

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Overcome time and geographical restrictions, support students’ continuous learning at home

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You can only picture tomorrow by facing in its direction.

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Bestie Speak has introduced a series of course promotions. For successful in-school or online course enrollments within the promotion period, students can enjoy course fee reductions or get supermarket cash vouchers.

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72nd HKSMSA Schools Speech Festival Enrollment Service

The 72nd HKSMSA Schools Speech Festival is accepting enrollment applications! To adapt to potential changes in the coming school year, HKSMSA has lengthened the enrollment period for this year’s speech festival. Bestie Speak will accept applications for enrollment service from 3 August (Monday) until 12 October (Monday) 2020. Please click here for more information. (more…)

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Acquisition of knowledge is the result of enjoyable learning

Cantonese Learning

There are three main reasons why people may want to acquire a language: to adapt to the environment, for practical needs, or solely for personal preference. To become fluent in a language, however, takes more than just the initial impulse to learn it. In order to become a native speaker, one must persist in learning, practicing and utilizing the language whenever possible. (more…)

Entering Primary School

Entering primary school is one of the major milestones in a child’s life. Due to the fierce competition for schools, this stage can be overwhelming and stressful to both parents and children. How, in fact, can we make sure our children stand out from the crowd in an interview? (more…)