Online Speech Training Class

Training specially designed for HKSMSA Speech Festival

By mastering speech recitation in aspects of piece interpretation, verbal manipulation and presentation skills, this can enhance a student’s overall well-being, from eloquence, poise, thoughts to values. We equip our students with confidence to conquer public speaking tasks

Course Design

Bestie Speak provides 3 Online Speech Training Course options
including Basic Course, Advanced Course and Master Course

Class Type

Online video tutorials, video conferencing and audio recording


Kindergarten ∣ Primary ∣ Secondary
Students enrolled in the HKSMSA Speech Festival

Poem Language

Bestie Speak provides tutorial videos of Cantonese, English and Putonghua poems.
Please contact Bestie Speak for further information

Course Promotion

Bestie Speak has prepared promotions to assist your child(ren) in standing out from the crowd

Course Contents

Enhance our students’ speech recital performance in all aspects

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, we assist our students in mastering key techniques of performing different pieces within a short period of time

Video tutorials

From basics to advanced,videos are in-depth and replayable

Demonstration audio

Understand emotions and messages, utilize verbal elements for expression

Tutor’s feedback

Constructive feedback for further enhancement and follow-up on learning progress

Advanced application

Book private lessons to maintain the quality of performance before the competition

Course Contents

Each speech tutorial video consists of 5 chapters. Bestie Speak recommends joining our online courses together with private lessons to be well-prepared for the HKSMSA Schools Speech Festival.

Chapter One: Articulation and Meaning

Take note of key articulation techniques, interpret emotions of the poem

Chapter Two: Speed of Speech and Intonation

Utilize verbal elements, bring out changes in tones

Chapter Three: Volume Contrast and Facial Expressions

Use of speaking volume and facial expressions, display emotions of the poem

Chapter Four: Eye Contact

Application of eye contact, involve oneself into the poem

Chapter Five: Gestures and Etiquette

Addition of suitable gestures, grasp the etiquette of speech competitions

Join speech training course at Bestie Speak (at extra charge)

Further polish up techniques, maintain quality of performance

Programme Options

Basic, Advanced and Master courses are offered to cater the needs of different students

Basic CourseAcquire and consolidate the basics

  • Comprehensive 5-Chapter Speech Tutorial Video
  • Complete demonstration audio of the poem
  • Electronic version of the poem
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Advanced CourseApply techniques through further practice

  • Comprehensive 5-Chapter Speech Tutorial Video
  • Complete demonstration audio of the poem
  • Electronic version of the poem
  • 3 Assessment opportunities for speech practice videos
  • 3 Tutor’s feedback opportunities for speech practice videos
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Master CourseEnhance and master overall performance

  • Comprehensive 5-Chapter Speech Tutorial Video
  • Complete demonstration audio of the poem
  • Electronic version of the poem
  • 3 Assessment opportunities for speech practice videos
  • 3 Tutor’s feedback opportunities for speech practice videos
  • 2 Private video conference lessons (30 mins each)
  • 2 Tutor’s feedback on private video conference lessons
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Frequently Asked Questions

Speech Training Course on Bestie E-learning Platform includes a speech tutorial video and complete demonstration audio of the poem. The 5 chapters of speech tutorial video teaches students basic recital techniques in a gradual manner, including: meaning of the poem, pronunciation of words, speed of speech, intonation, volume contrast, facial expression, eye contact, gestures and etiquette. All complete demonstration audio of the poems are professionally recorded by our tutors. The audio is a comprehensive performance of the poem. By learning through the combination of speech tutorial video and demonstration audio, students are able to grasp speech recital techniques at home with ease.

Speech Training Course on Bestie E-learning Platform teaches through animated slides, instead of live teaching. This allows students to not be restricted by fixed performance techniques, so that they can retain personal style in speech performance, and express their own thoughts and emotions through reciting the poem. In contrast to mimicking tutor’s speech recital styles, expression of students’ own emotions is able to help them stand out from the crowd in the competition.

Yes, the tutorial video consists of 5 chapters to teach students speech recital techniques of different aspects gradually. Complete demonstration audio of the poem is also included in the video to help students grasp the verbal and emotional expressions of speech recital.
But if you hope to enhance your performance, students can join Bestie Speak’s speech training class to apply and further enhance speech recital techniques.

Before watching the comprehensive speech tutorial video, Bestie Speak hopes students could first feel the emotions and concept of the poem through listening to the complete demonstration audio of the poem. In addition, the audio helps students to get familiarized with the poem’s vocabulary and pronunciation of words, as well as the speed of speech in advance. This helps students to explore their personal style, thus allowing them to showcase their own talents and to build a strong foundation for learning more advanced techniques.

For students joining Bestie Speak’s Continuous Improvement Program or Perfecting Performance Program, they will have 3 assessment opportunities for speech practice videos. After learning speech recital techniques, students can record their own practice performances at home and send the video to Bestie Speak. Tutors will record a feedback recording based on each practice performance video submitted, allowing students to take note of aspects that need improvement and ways to do better. Furthermore, the Perfecting Performance Program even includes 2 30-minute video conference private lessons to help students enhance their overall performance.

Videos of Bestie E-learning Platform will be shared via private links. Students are able to access our videos with smartphones or tablets anytime, anywhere. For Private video conference lessons , we will be using the online video conference application “Zoom”. Students will receive a link for the video conference before the session. Make sure to install “Zoom” before the session. Registration is not needed. Students can successfully join the lesson by simply clicking into the link or by typing in the Meeting ID.

Students who have practiced before the competition will show great difference in verbal and emotional expressions. Speech tutorial videos of Speech Training Course on Bestie E-learning Platform teaches speech recital techniques in a gradual manner. This allows students to grasp basic speech recital techniques and to boost their confidence in speech recitals. In addition, students can better utilise their time at home to practice, so as to maintain the quality of their performance.

Students could join our in-school or Zoom private lessons for further enhancement. Tutors are able to take note of students’ expression and performance in private lessons. Hence, students’ performance could be adjusted in depth to raise the quality of their speech recital performance. Private lessons could also assist students in maintaining their confidence and overall presentation.

Related Information

Bestie Speak’s SPEAK! Channel

Listen to our speech demo highlights anytime

Demonstration Audio of the Poem

We aim to help our students polish up their skills

Upon enrolling Bestie Speak’s online speech training course, students will receive a professionally recorded audio recording of the solo piece* recorded by our team. Students can further practice manipulation of verbal elements and strengthen their memory on the piece at home.

*Not applicable to Solo Prose Speaking, Solo Prose Reading and Public Speaking classes

Reap the harvest of your hard work!

Bestie Speak’s prize winners can get extra rewards

Students who have joined Bestie Speak’s online speech training course for 73rd HKSMSA Speech Festival, will receive supermarket cash vouchers for the below amount upon showing proof of being awarded the top three places in speech festival competition!

Champion $
First runner-up $
Second runner-up $