School-based Training Courses

Provision of quality and professional coaching services to enhance students’ competence in all aspects

Bestie Speak offers diverse school-based training courses, along with our outstanding teaching team and plentiful resources. On-site training courses are tailored to cater for primary and secondary school students of different levels. Bestie Speak’s teaching team organizes regular tutor training and conferences to facilitate mutual improvements. Teaching materials of Bestie Speak’s school-based training are customized to suit the needs of different schools.

Bestie Speak has established long-term partnering relationships with various primary and secondary schools, including first, second semester courses and summer courses. Bestie Speak offers diverse school-based training courses and extra-curricular classes customized to the needs and targets of different schools. A course supervisor is assigned to each project to facilitate cooperation between schools and tutors. We aim to enhance students’ abilities in various aspects, to achieve a multi-win situation with schools, parents, students and tutors.

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, we assist students in acquiring various techniques

Comprehensive Teaching

Every tutor has their own strengths to facilitate students’ learning

Personalized Contents

Teaching contents are tailored to fit different schools

Progress Follow-up

Teaching progress is followed up by our training supervisor

Complete Services

Convenient application process. Appropriate class arrangements.

Course Recommendations

Bestie Speak’s debate, interview and speaking courses allows students to unleash their full potential

Secondary Admission Interview Training

Diverse Speaking Course

Top Debate Course

Speech Training Class

Our Services

Provision of customized training services to support students’ development

Services Application

Upon receipt of applications from primary and secondary schools, Bestie Speak’s training supervisor will formulate a teaching outline and its key training highlights according to the needs of different schools. The planning of the course will be passed to schools along with the course quotation. Schools will be able to understand our services better.

Drafting Contents

Upon confirmation of co-operation, Bestie Speak and the participating school will be required to sign a contract. Bestie Speak will then customize quality course materials according to course requirements listed in the quotation.

On-site Training

Bestie Speak carefully assigns tutor with related experience and teaching philosophy, to take on courses with different requirements and key training highlights. Tutors will be required to conduct on-site training lessons or seminars punctually, as well as assisting students to improve in line with the intended learning outcomes.

Service Follow-up

Upon completion of all training courses and seminars of the school year, our training supervisor will follow-up on feedback from participating schools. Bestie Speak will sustain tutors’ professional training quality by arranging internal conferences for further improvements.