Vivid Storytelling Course

Training specially designed to enhance storytelling techniques and presentation skills

In this fun and engaging storytelling class, children learn to express themselves with imagination and creativity. Children will learn by performing fables, fairytales and even by creating their own stories. Through practices, students will be able to have fun in storytelling, build up confidence, enrich their speeches, accumulate vocabulary and learn the morals of diverse stories. These all help to establish a strong foundation for entering primary school.

Course Design

Each course unit consists of 4 lessons

Unit 1: Strengthen organization and consolidate the basics
Unit 2: Enrich vocabulary and improve presentation skills
Unit 3: Broaden thinking perspectives and build self confidence


Kindergarten students (K1 – K3)

Class Type

Video conferencing and in-school classes of small groups and private classes are provided


Cantonese, English, Putonghua

Course Promotions

Bestie Speak has prepared a series of promotions to assist your child(ren) in establishing a strong language foundation

Course Contents

Elevate presentation skills in all aspects by a fun and interactive approach

Course Highlights

With our professional teaching support, Bestie Speak’s vivid storytelling course assists our students in sharpening their presentation skills

Interactive Learning

Increases interaction through games and drama activities

Values Organization

Polish up fluency and organization skills in speaking

Tutor’s Feedback

Review highlights and take note of learning progress

Comprehensive Teaching

Learn different performing techniques of diverse story genres

Course Contents

Suggested to join at least 3 course units, continuous practice and accumulation of knowledge helps your children to develop comprehensively!

Voice Projection

Learn to utilize voices according to the storyline, such as altering tones, intonation, volume, and using different speed and imitation skills, to improve fluency and attractiveness in storytelling

Emotional Input

Assist children in grasping the means of expressing emotions within a story. Through putting themselves into the shoes of different characters, they can present the story vividly, capturing attention

Non-verbal Expression

Learn to use eye contact, facial expressions and body language to take storytelling to another level. By practicing various storytelling skills, children’s patience and concentration could be further nurtured

Explore Potentials

Learn new vocabulary, strengthen organization and presentation skills with each storytelling practice. Drama sessions could inspire creative minds and nurture cooperation skills to develop potentials holistically

Frequently Asked Questions

Through performing stories of different genres, such as fables, fairy tales and their original stories, children can learn to utilize appropriate body language, eye contact, tones and intonation. Thus, to enhance their presentation skills. Children will learn morals from educational stories and accumulate new vocabulary from each story. These help to build a better foundation for primary entry.

Only children who are in nursery or younger can be accompanied by their parents. Bestie Speak aims to nurture young children’s independence and self-care abilities, as these skills are crucial to primary entry. Parents will receive tutor’s feedback recording after each class. Parents can take note of students’ class performance and aspects of improvement through the recording.

Apart from listening to interesting stories and telling their own version of the story, our class includes children’s favourite drama sessions. Children can play as different characters in the story with props available in the classroom. They could be creative as they may change the plot of the story, as well as improving their presentation skills through accumulation of new vocabulary continuously. Bestie Speak’s enriched teaching curriculum could assist children to stay focused at all times.

Bestie Speak also offers Zoom video conference vivid storytelling classes. Tutors will display vocabulary and exquisite class materials on the screen in class to ensure children can learn storytelling techniques effectively. Role-play and drama sessions would also be included in the Zoom lesson to add fun and interaction. Parents will receive class materials after each class to revise with their children at home.

In the class, tutors would assist children in completing the story with guidance and hints. Under the assistance of tutors, children will be able to tell stories in an organized manner. Telling the whole story by themselves in a short period of time is a great challenge to children. However, after a period of training, children will show significant improvement in their organization skills and confidence in storytelling.

Of course! K2 is the best time to join our vivid storytelling course. Children are able to train up their presentation skills, self-care abilities, language competence, cooperation skills and boost their self confidence. Training for these aspects greatly benefits children’s performance in primary admission interviews and their future learning!