Entering Secondary School

Entering secondary school is stressful not only to students, but also their parents. A lot of parents go above and beyond in hopes of increasing their child’s chances of getting into their target secondary school.

Some parents give a range of lessons to their children at home, helping them gain knowledge in different aspects such as economics, literature, astrology etc., some parents sign their children up for competitions and a variety of extracurricular activities for awards and certificates, others enroll their children in interview training courses at multiple organizations. All of whom are working their way to help their children succeed in life.

Undoubtedly, these parents come from a good place and have the best interest of the child at heart. Unfortunately, even with a long list of awards and activities, a student would find it challenging to showcase his or her abilities over the course of a short interview. Of course, having an impressive student portfolio helps students secure their places in admission. However, some schools look beyond the list of awards and certificates, and turn to inquiring a students’ learning attitude, improvisational and communication skills etc. to decide whether or not the school is a right match for them. Therefore it is very important that parents recognize the importance of interview techniques. When handled and trained properly, these techniques and skills will allow students to demonstrate their strengths to the interviewer.

Parents should encourage their children to step foot in different areas they enjoy, particularly activities that the children are interested in. Spending quality time with family members and relatives also help children practice communicating ideas. Courageous children who like to try new things often excel at taking initiatives. This not only helps them build confidence, but also ensure they stand out from the crowd in interview sessions such as group discussion or activities.

Certainly, students’ interview manners are critical in determining their chances of being admitted, especially amid such fierce competition. Additionally, it is very important that students have a thorough understanding of the school’s philosophy and characteristics, in order to demonstrate sincerity and leave a lasting impression.

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